What To Expect

At Family Counseling Services we know that making the decision to see a counselor can be uncomfortable and even anxiety-provoking. Therefore we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our clients have access to affordable highly professional services provided in a friendly confidential office environment.

While we believe the best foundation for therapy is the relationship you develop with your counselor; however we also understand your concerns about time commitments and cost. You should expect that it takes a few visits for you to get comfortable talking about personal matters. However generally by your third visit you and your therapist should have a common understanding of how therapy may be of continued benefit to you. 

Some people utilize a counseling relationship as a way of exploring options for changes they want to make. Others develop longer term relationships with their counselor. In general, counseling is terminated when the presenting concern becomes more manageable or is resolved.

Regardless of treatment duration, we have found that the counseling process is most effective when the therapeutic relationship is based in mutual respect and trust. 

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