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Single Parenthood - Carina is a single mother trying to stay in school but feels overwhelmed as she balances childcare and school responsibilities.

Divorce and Children - Michael & Ella are concerned that the children will not understand their decision to divorce.

Relationship Issues - Tanisha is troubled by the fact that her three relationships didn't work out. She is beginning to question whether she may be doing things to "drive them away".

Parenting Blended Families - Paul & Anita recently married. Both brought children from previous marriages. They are concerned about recent disagreements regarding differences in parenting styles.

Violence - Joe was recently arrested for hitting his wife during an argument. This is the second time he has become violent. He wants to know how he can save his marriage

Childhood and Teen Issues - Carmen recently found beer in her 14-year-old son's closet. He says he was keeping it for a friend. Should she be concerned.

Molestation or Sexual Assault -  Juan, an eight year-old boy told his mom that a neighbor "touched him." What should she do?