Children and Divorce

Most parents are concerned about the impact of divorce on their children. Family Counseling Service of Athens has developed an informational seminar concerning how to best manage the potentially damaging influences of divorce on children.

During this seminar participants are given a guidebook and view a 30 minute video, entitled "Children in the Middle”.  In addition a 1.5 hour presentation is provided including helpful information about how to recognize potential problems in adjusting to divorce and how to avoid them.

Registration for the Children in the Middle seminars may have been recommended or even required by the court in the county in which your divorce was filed. If so, you would have been given a date and time for a seminar near you. If you have not received a referral and would like to attend, please contact us.

For those wishing more personal time with one of our child and family therapists, this information can be adapted for use in individual or family counseling sessions. In addition, this seminar can be provided for other groups such as schools, civic organizations, churches, or employer groups. Please contact us to arrange either individual or family divorce education sessions or to make arrangements for you group.

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