Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment

Problems of addiction are heart breaking, frustrating and mystifying for most individuals and families who are affected by them. Substance abuse and dependence all too often lead to loss of health, job, income and self-respect, as well as to divorce and alienation from family and friends, indescribable pain and sometimes death. Sadly, anyone can become addicted to one or more substances that can lead to a life of loneliness and despair. Unless a problem of addiction receives responsible attention it will continue to plague the addicted person mercilessly.

At Family Counseling Services of Athens we provide counseling and intervention services for those who are affected by substance abuse or the more frightening specter of dependence or addiction. Our counseling can add insight, support, and education as well as provide effective strategies for managing triggers and other factors influencing the continued harmful use of alcohol and other drugs.

Our services include individual and family counseling as well as structured groups that combine both educational and group support. We also utilize community self-help groups as an adjunct to treatment.

At Family Counseling Services of Athens we consider effective treatment for substance abuse to be a balance of hope and encouragement provided by our staff along with clear expectations for personal responsibility and accountability. These values are exemplified in our partnership with the Athens-Clarke County DUI Court Program