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Family Counseling / Athens DUI-Drug Court Services

Family Counseling Service of Athens is the designated treatment provider for The Athens- Clarke County DUI Drug Court also called the N. Kent Lawrence DUI Court, named after the late Honorable Kent Lawrence who helped many start DUI/Drug Courts all around the nation. This is a 4-phase program for repeat Misdemeanor DUI and other Alcohol/Drug related offenses. Individuals are mandated to comply with enhanced supervision, counseling, and treatment with the goal of long term sobriety and avoiding legal issues in the future.

The DUI/Drug Court program is a team treatment approach involving Judges, a member from the Solicitor’s Office, a member from the Public Defender’s Office, Probation Officers, a Law Enforcement representative, a Court Coordinator and Case Manager, and Clinical Treatment staff from Family Counseling Service of Athens. The treatment team offers ASAM Level 1, Long term treatment to participants in the program. This includes gender specific group counseling and individual and family sessions. The program encourages abstinence and long term recovery and aims to provide resources needed to achieve and maintain sobriety. We work with individuals with legal issues (related to drugs or alcohol) by providing long term care in mental health, substance use disorder treatment, help with job or skills training, education, general social work help (resources that help with finding a job, financial education, etc), physical health, and treatment for trauma. We also offer classes that focus on reduction of criminal thinking and recidivism. We help clients to obtain all of the paperwork needed to reinstate a limited driving permit or full driver’s license due to DUI restrictions. Our clinical team has certified Clinical Evaluators and Treatment Providers (certified by the State of Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Division and on the State’s registry).

The DUI/Drug Court has been awarded Academy Court status by the National Center for DUI and DWI Courts (NCDC).Our Court is one of four courts in the nation that will help develop, identify and test national best practices for DWI treatment courts, provide technical assistance, and host jurisdictions interested in starting a DWI treatment court. As a team we serve as a model for other DUI or DWI courts nationally. The Athens-Clarke County DUI Treatment Court has been awarded Academy Court status in 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, and 2020. We will strive to continue to innovate and grow based on best practices and research in the field of Accountability/Treatment Courts.