Important Notice


If you are using our Northeast Georgia EAP program through your employer, you will click on the link below and complete the form. If you do not see your employer listed, please call our office @ 706-549-7755 for the correct link.


If you are looking to register for an Anger Management Class, a Family Violence Class, a Substance Abuse Evaluation, or a Clinical Evaluation, you would have to call our office at (706) 549-7755 in order to get the correct forms sent to you. 

We do not perform Mental Health Evaluations, and we are not traditional Medicaid or Medicare providers. If you have any other questions or concerns you can always give our office a call and we'd be more than happy to help you!



Lauren Osborne


Lauren Osborne is an LCSW who began her direct practice experience in 2013. She joined FCS in 2014, and her areas of specialty include anger management, anxiety, depression, work/life balance, life cycle transitions, family of origin dynamics, and trauma. She also teaches as part-time faculty at UGA in the MSW program. Her theraputic approach is largely humanistic: building a relationship with the client through unconditional positive regard, acknowledgement of autonomy, and empathic understanding. To paraphrase Carl Rogers, her question isn't how to cure, change, or treat a client. Her question is: how can I provide a relationship which this person may use for their own personal growth - one that fosters self awareness, self compassion, and interpersonal connection?

Outside of work, she has participated in the local art and music scene and worked with local agencies to improve program development for the homeless and working poor, as well as children and families. Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, working on their old home, cooking international foods, and traveling.