Musical Therapy

Similar to cinema, writing and the spoken word, many people have cathartic experiences or see their lives reflected in music. In this “musical therapy” section of Help Yourself we offer songs recommended by staff as a means of engaging emotions and thought. We suggest you listen to the recommended songs with attention to any emotional response or parallels with your own life experiences.

I’ll be there for you, Neil Young’s song to his daughter as she leaves for college. Recommended by Teddy Kemp

When our son went away to college I watched this song performed in concert and found myself feeling both the deep loss and, at the same time, a profound sense of responsibility as a parent to handle his final launching, balancing the need to provide a secure home base while encouraging his venturing into the world.  This is a great empty-nester song.

God Only Knows – Joe Henry.  Recommended by Nick Ventimiglia

Something about this song resonated with me the very first time I heard it, and the resonance has continued. Every time I hear it I learn something new about the music or about myself. Somehow Henry captures the personal so profoundly that it is almost universal. A song about realization, questioning, acceptance, and recognition.